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A corporate job for your whole life?

I wasn't waking up happy and I was telling myself that it is just the way it is...

Evolved spiritually and feel you can't be yourself authentically in the workplace? One question you need to ask yourself: Are you ready to spend your whole life in a corporate job, instead of devoting it to a more meaningful cause?

If you answered NO, or if there is even one iota of doubt, this may be one of the most important messages you will ever hear in your life. It was for me and my hope is that could be the same for you.

When revealed to mindfulness, zazen and other spiritual teachings, my person was profoundly changed. Working on the projects in my pharmaceutical company wasn't for me anymore. I got burned-out in 2018. The only thought of work made me nervous. 

Tried hopelessly a job in the domain I love (yoga and meditation) I soon realized that these jobs could not bring full income. I thought I needed to continue my corporate job to earn an income. 

I'd pretend to my colleagues I was motivated for my job. But I was feeling unreal. Not authentic. Purposeless. Spending my whole life in a corporate job? That thought terrified me! 



Create A Life of Meaning

It became stronger and stronger in me the belief that we are all here for a strong purpose. And spending our days doing what we don't love is the last thing we should do to ourselves...

One day, searching for a solution, I came across a video talking about opportunities in the digital economy. Not the case 20 years ago, now everyone can start a digital business on the things they are passionate about while having time, geographical and financial freedom. How does it work? Click here>>

Want to spend the rest of your life advocating for a spiritual lifestyle? I want you to imagine for just a moment that you can spend 8 hours per day working on this subject. Either writing or creating videos to teach people on mindfulness, advocate for meditation courses and books you appreciate, or refer people to the best meditation cushions you know... Make a spiritual impact on the world in the digital era! Have a look at my business Mind Flowerfeel inspired every day waking up to work on it! 

Receive the 3 free training workshops that taught me how to start my digital business. They are free, that was how I received them. Start, grow, and scale your income by leveraging the power of the Internet. No experience needed!

Would you like to look back in 20 years, and say: I would have done something more meaningful and been my true self? Join me on this journey!

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I'm happy to be on this journey!
Morning from our bay window. I am so happy to work on what I love, from where and when I want...

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