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I did not know I had choices, until...

My name is Giang Cao Ho My. I worked for one of the biggest pharmaceutical multinationals in Belgium.

The year right before my burnout, I received my Innovation and Performance Awards from my company. I was one of the best performers!

Coming back from burnout, I was extremely tired. When I attempted a promotion, the feedback from my manager was: "My concern is your level of resilience". I was shocked, partly because I emotionally identified him as the reason for my burnout.

I tried to find other jobs but no way. The whole industry bored me out. I felt desperate. Remaining in the same job for 1 year more will be hell! This lasted several months... I visualize already losing my job due to low performance. I lost confidence in myself. I still remember that humiliating moment running after my boss to ask for his attention. Who was I at the end?


Create A Lifestyle & Business You Love!

It became stronger and stronger in me the belief that we are here for a strong purpose, and spending our days doing what we don't love is the last things we should do to ourselves 

One day, searching for a solution, I came across a video talking about opportunities in the digital economy. Not the case 20 years ago, now everyone can start a digital business on the things they are passionate about while having time, geographical and financial freedom.

At first, I was skeptical. I never thought I would build a business myself. Would I have time and energy after burnout, with kids, and a job? And most of all, change from my well-paid pharmaceutical job to another "industry-like, marketing like" job with no clue where it led to? 

But today I am glad I took the first step. This education was a real journey. I gained knowledge. I built networks. I grew so much as a person. Before I was desperate, passionless, fearful. I had no clue where to start. Today, I'm passionate and happy every morning I wake up. I have a project, a solution. I realize my best and feel so great!

I am proud to be an entrepreneur without a boss! I realized that being an entrepreneur and work on my biggest dream was much easier in the digital era, than in traditional business terms. Less risk, almost no investment. And the journey was fun because I built a big social media and internet followers!

If you ever felt unfulfilled, not in the place where you are, and if your boss does not think you are good enough, show him your best! 

Receive the 3 free training workshops that taught me how to start my digital business. Start, grow and scale your income by leveraging the power of the internet. No experience needed!

With the three training, you will have insights on:
- Why earning by working on your passion/things you love is possible
- How the online business works
- How the system is set up to help you start right away

Who will teach you? A world-class education company, the SFM 

Me in the middle, so great to succeed with the SFM community

Morning from our bay window. I am happy to work where and when I want.
 I'm at my best because I love what I do!

Time and joy together with my children Eric and Laura-Ly

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