Want burnout cure? Don’t do these!

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Unlike depression where many medical treatments exist, getting out of burnout requires you further fundamental changes in your lifestyle. Avoid these 3 operation modes you might underestimate to reduce stress and burnout.

How to avoid or get over there burnout when you detect first signs?

Zaria Gorvett, in her BBC article, stated that “although there are many treatment options for depression, burnout is still best tackled by making lifestyle changes”.

These are 3 simple daily ways of operation that you might underestimate in your stress and burnout consequence.

Multi-tasking at work: underestimated enemy in burnout

A teleconference that seems quite long and boring. You are tempted to reply some emails in between? Never do this type of multi-tasking. Unless you want to cause to your brain exceeding dose of stress. Anyway, at certain moment you will miss some parts of the conference and need to listen to the recording afterward and lose even more time!

Unmindful eating: modern life burnout friend

Photo by Flo Dahm from Pexels

Eating while talking with your colleagues without knowing what you put in your mouth? Eating a sandwich while running to a metro station? You recognise it!

Your unconsciousness continues to send messages to your brain about this “eating” on-going tasks, while it’s busy managing the talks or the run you are doing. I did this every day and these definitely added to my stress and caused important burnout years after.

Multi-tasking at home: Terrible stress ally

Be honest and say you ever did these?

Cooking while doing housework or sending an email while playing with kids? As simple as it can be. But don’t think this way of operation is anodyne. Things in the oven burn quickly, don’t you think so? And the stress it causes when you need to quickly finish”another task” to run back to the pans on fire is simply exhausting. And what’s more, the stress you have when you need to pay attention to finish an email sentence when your kids are trying to shout at you to catch your attention!

Game-changing effort starts with little things

I did have “burnout friendly” habits for years before realizing one thing. Modifying these daily simple things can be game-changing for my stress and burnout reduction. One of the books of Thich Nhat Hanh, “The Art of Mindful Living”, really changed my life. At certain moments I thought I could never get better. But practices brought their fruits. Today, one year later, I gather so much energy and start to build my own business and a new career.

So, think about these 3 things today. Getting out of burnout requires from you more fundamental changes in your lifestyle. And it can begin with a very little change at a time.

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Giang Cao Ho My

Giang Cao Ho My

Hey, Giang here! Do you believe you can live a life and career that truly fulfill you? I do! I believe in the next era of humanity where every person is fulfilled from the inside. By simply being mindful, we spread love to other humans, plants, animals, and minerals. Join me on the Mindful Way"
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