How do I know if I am burned-out?

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Quick and easy 15 questions to evaluate your level of burnout from the Britsh Medical Association. Immediate results.

Do you say yes to most of the below questions?

  • I feel tired before I arrive at work.
  • I talk about my work in a negative way.
  • During my work, I often feel emotionally drained.
  • After my work, I usually feel worn out and weary.

Or do you say no to the following questions?

  • I always find new and interesting aspects of my work
  • I feel more and more engaged in my work.
  • When I work, I usually feel energized.
  • I find my work to be a positive challenge.

You might be under the risk of burnout. Take a quick test from the British Medical Association and get immediate results. This questionnaire is based on the Oldenburg Burnout Inventory (OLBI) developed by Dr. Evangelia Demerouti.

Giang Cao Ho My

Giang Cao Ho My

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