Overcome burnout: Learn from successful people

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Burnout is sometimes seen as a failure in life. But how many great successes have been achieved thanks to failures? Learn from the most successful people’s attitude and inspire yourself to overcome burnout.

Bill Gates: Savor past success!

overcome burnout successful people
Savor past success – Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, explained that inside his company, there were sometimes big failures. For example, they delayed to launch Windows 2 years after the announcement. His secret? Savor what you have achieved in the past. When failures or difficult times come (and they will!), remember them.

Stephen King: Never give up!

Stephen King is among the most famous American thriller writers. I love his books! Don’t be surprised to know that he was very poor before his success. He had, for example, 60 rejections before his first short story “The Glass Floor” was accepted for $35! His message? Never give up!

Never give up
Never give up ( Photo by Jaime Reimer from Pexels)

Aristotle: Adventure is worthwhile!

When you see life as a great adventure, difficulties become trivial. I personally remind myself of this all the time. Is it not fantastic for us to be on this blue planet lost in nowhere? All we can do is to enjoy the journey. Remember Aristotle. Burnout is among these moments where we can learn. Most successful people are willing to do things when there could be a failure, in order to gain experience.

Walt Disney: Exhibit passions in life!

All dreams can come true
All dreams can come true (Photo Burst from Pixels)

 When you are burned out, perhaps what you did was not passionate enough? Burnout is then an opportunity to shift yourself to something of great passion. Sometimes a passion seems to be an irrealistic dream. But remember Walt Disney. For him, all dreams can come true if we are willing to follow them.

Giang Cao Ho My

Giang Cao Ho My

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