Want to overcome burnout? Save your energy!

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In burnout or tired state, energy matters. A few practical tips to save your energy to be the best present for your children and those you love. Learn to overcome more quickly your burnout.

National Geographic author James Nestor says that the freediving world record will soon be pushed to 1,000 Feet. Amazing divers who succeed in getting deep down in the ocean have the same thing in common: spending the lowest energy in the longest time they can.

Do like them. Preserve your energy and use it efficiently only where needed. Try out my favorite simple methods:

Intentionally relax your body

Intentionally relax

Anytime, anywhere, just take a few seconds to feel and scan your body. You will be surprised how much energy is consumed for useless things. For example, these muscles of your shoulders are all in tension for nothing. Or your face is stressed without need. Intentionally relax them. Mindful living brings you joy.

Do only when at ease

Be at ease

Do many things only when you have enough time to accomplish them all in a relaxing way. Believe me, the stress when things are done in a hurry eats out your energy.

For example, before leaving to pick up kids from school, I think I need to wash dishes, clean the floor and hang clothes. Before rushing into all of them, I take a second to estimate time. If I can do all three in a hurry, I choose to do only two but with ease. Be brave to cut down your list.

Rest in between

Five-minute rest in between bring energy

Lay down or sit down even a few minutes between things you need to do can bring a unimaginable well-being. Promise yourself to think about it.

They don’t need you!

You as priority

Expected by friends or family to join a party you are not really motivated and in need of a rest? Be true and say No. Know that others might not need you as you might believe. They will enjoy it without you most of the time!

“Nothing to do” attitude

Feel as you have nothing to do

Your highest priority: Do nothing! The important thing is sometimes not “to do nothing”, but to “feel” that you have nothing to do. Try this a moment. Five minutes of “nothing to do, nowhere to go” attitude can bring a lot of serenity, more energy and less stress.

Giang Cao Ho My

Giang Cao Ho My

Hey, Giang here! Do you believe you can live a life and career that truly fulfill you? I do! I believe in the next era of humanity where every person is fulfilled from the inside. By simply being mindful, we spread love to other humans, plants, animals, and minerals. Join me on the Mindful Way"
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