Why collective energy helps you overcome burnout

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Do you feel that days are sometimes too long, when you are not passionate on anything? You are not alone. Many people are lost when they suddenly removed from all energy and joy that make up their days in their previous life, now seemingly so far away after burnout.

Also, many, for good reason, try to hide their situation. And it just makes them feel more isolated.

 2017 survey by Kronos found that 95 percent of human resource executives think that burnout is hurting efforts to retain workers (New York Times). That is why many people when feeling burned-out, try to hide the situation from their manager. It is because they are fearful that this can impact negatively their career.

On the contrary, hiding a burn-out situation just makes it worse. When I had burnout, I thought I was the only one. I was afraid that I would not be understood by others. I was scared that people judged me on my capacity for resilience. As a result, I felt isolated. And I could not easily find help and support from the community.

In her article “Why “you are not alone” is the most important message you can tell yourself”, Agapi Stassinopoulos, author at Thrive Global, explained that “when we ask and trust that we are not alone, help comes in the most extraordinary way”.

Ask and trust that we are not alone

Here are the two most powerful ways to create collective energy that helps you overcome your burnout situation:

  • Like attracts like – Find your community: You will be surprised. But in a meditation and yoga retreat, conference or community, you will likely connect with people who are in the same situation as you. When you are burned-out, you search for peace of mind. And spiritual practices are one of the best ways to bring you to the place of surrender.
  • Join those who dare to do what they are passionate about. Many people who got burned-out do not love their job anymore. But they do not know how to start something else. The positive energy of those who dare to do this change in their life will bring others great energy and confidence to do the same. I personally experience such a community of motivated people. Why not start today building a business you love?

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